The Shouty Bits

Niagara Falls during winter, mist rising, USA. Image by BIM

The same substance can exist in different states simultaneously.

The same personality traits can co-exist, cross over definitions.

My autistic meltowns are not temper tantrums. They are a method my body uses to hit the reset button when my nervous system has reached its limit of intake.

Are INTJ personality characteristics malleable? Are the autistic ones?

As an INTJ, I must develop coping mechanisms to deal with my default reactions/behaviors that are blunt, gruff, aloof, take no bullshit.

As a person with autism, I must do the same.

The shouty bits of a person’s personality are derided and punished.

The manipulation (not influencing); the duplicitious, self-serving, subterfuge that some people exhibit is usually pernicious and difficult to prove. You will look like an idiot for bringing this behavior in the open and will probably end up doing some of the shouty bits in your own defence and frustration.

Be intentional in the company you keep, the professions you enter.

Do what you need to do to keep yourself centered and calm.


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