The Last Third

Illustration on the theme of religion and people. Image by SIYAMA9


I think my ego is finally gutted.

I have no desire to impact the world anymore. I am going to eat, drink, enjoy my work; do no harm, withdraw even more from trying to navigate people and their ego needs.

I am a female INTJ.

I am on the autistic spectrum.

I am in therapy for PTSD.

I have protoporphyria.

The likelihood you have met me before in your life is practically nil.

I am not less than. I am just rare, but not unique.

You can have your machinations to keep your narcissistic ego soothed. You can backstab, gossip, gas light, lie.

Whatever you need to do to keep your fragile self above others. Your behavior and words belong to you.

The world I have created for myself nourishes me, and you are not invited in.