Jobs, Workers, Blah, Blah

Image by erhui1979

I don’t think there is a worker shortage. It just seems that there are many jobs and many people not applying to them.

We, as a group, have been overworked by having to take on more than an acceptable level of work because employers are combining jobs. Notice the postings for Business Analysts who must also schedule meetings or open the mail!!

These are completely different skill sets. Some skills not valued because they cost companies money instead of generating it. Anyone know of any secretary or executive assistant at any point in time who didn’t really run the office for the manager/director?

Our benefits have been decreasing as well. Insurance companies are wielding increasing power over us. For publicly traded companies, more money is filtering to the top. How is that trickle down economics theory working out for you in practice?

Learning a new job is more complicated. Because there are so many software applications popping up to create and track work, one must usually have experience in a specific application in order to be considered suitable. There is less and less on the job training. Your work ethic (showing up, embracing company goals, reliability), skills (analytical thinking) are less valued than experience (Quicken, Salesforce), and abilities (learn quickly, transition tasks quickly).

It seems that Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs(1) pyramid has been co-opted with a funnelling system in which the actions of many are benefitting the few.

I admit, I feel a bit of satisfaction when I see some employers having difficulty hiring and keeping people. The same job pops up over and over. Just as my personality follows me, a company’s culture persists if no one addresses the issues that do not allow for better fit between job and employee.



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