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Photo by Steve Johnson from Pexels

Photo by Steve Johnson from Pexels

Just exactly how many rare, unusual, unique, or atypical aspects of my person and personality am I supposed to be able to handle?


Auditory Processing Disorder…


Highly Sensitive Personality…

Sensitivity to wheat, gluten, dairy proteins, corn, any other grain, sound, light, extroverts.

Now, maybe, I may be on the autism spectrum disorder.

The one that helps to save my self confidence and self esteem a bit is that I am also in Mensa.  Even that one, though, tends to just piss people off, so I rarely tell anyone. Except now, of course, I have.

If I could trade some smarts and skills for some ease in interpersonal settings, I would trade in a heartbeat!

But, I cannot, so I have to settle with being competent, focused, and a productive employee with friends who value my personality elements, and that is a fair trade.





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