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Children Are Not Resilient

By syahrir maulana on iStock

Photo by syahrir maulana on iStock

My Observation

Children are not resilient.

  • How many times have you heard someone say that in response to a child going through a traumatic event.
  • We tell ourselves that they are resilient to help with the guilt when we don’t protect them, or our inability to know how to help them get through it.

Children cannot be resilient. They have no reference points.

  • What we think is resilience, is a shut-down mode because they have no idea what is happening to them.

Silence is not resilience.

  • Imagine the adults who go through war, or natural disasters who later develop post traumatic stress disorder. Why would we think that a child would not suffer more?

The trauma effects for a child may show up later, when there may not be an immediate identification of the trauma that is long past.




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