Why I Must Be a Writer

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

I must be a writer because I am not good at anything else.

The problem with being a writer is that everything becomes a potential storyline. The narrative in my head is constant. The constant narrative gets in the way of everything. I just had to stop doing an errand to write this so I wouldn’t lose it.  Write it down, or it will be gone!

I like to work alone. I like people around me, but please don’t talk to me. I am okay with music or television going in the background because I am skilled at tuning out everything…if you don’t try to engage with me. When you do that, you bring me back to the immediate ‘now’ and the story that was beautifully playing in my head fades like a dream upon waking.

I have a low tolerance for office politics, small talk, social graces, your ego, your lack of respect for my time. Consequently, I am not always aware when I don’t respect your time, your ego, social graces, small talk, or office politics.

I keep trying to escape my mental/physiological/psychological makeup and wish I could not be an INTJ, and I have been successfully deficient in reaching that goal.

As soon as people start consistently making sense, I might try working in an office again.

Let’s hope this writing bit works out!


n.b. Toward full disclosure, I must admit, I am working parttime until I make my first million dollars.

Originally posted July 2019. Reposted Feb 2020.

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