If Only We Didn’t Need to Eat

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I just watched What’s with Wheat?1 I recommend it for others who may be sensitive to food to share with those in their lives who are unsympathetic.

Many of the health issues that our consumption of wheat is causing were detailed in this documentary.

I just recently had an episode of episcleritis2 and uveitis3. Both of these conditions for me can be caused by eating a trigger food…mostly gluten-containing food. Sometimes, they are also triggered by any processed grain.

I started a combination of the Autoimmune Inflammatory Protocol Diet and a high-alkaline diet. For eight months, I did a good job of following both very strictly. I lost 30 pounds and my inflammatory markers (c-reactive protein) decreased to 1 from 4.5. I felt fantastic.

Over the next eight months, I slowly lost that strictness. As a treat to myself for doing so well, I would occasionally have bread or a brownie or rice. My treats become more frequent and I have no one to blame but myself over my recent episode. I had cupcakes and cheesecake. They were free of gluten, genetically modified ingredients, and were organic. Didn’t matter. Something in them disagreed with my system. Once I give into the sugar craving, it is very difficult to remove it from the diet again.

It seems that we may have been sold a bill of good by various industry-specific organizations4 about what is considered a healthful diet. It seems we are creating another dust bowl, except it is in our food chain.

Those who have the money invested in producing our food would need to modify all aspects of their food production. This would be expensive, and not a fast transition. I think it is unlikely to happen.

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