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The Evolution of the Job Description

Does anyone know when jobs became ‘fast paced”? I refuse to believe that there are not more methodical jobs out there, but they have been misrepresented in order to appeal to those who need a fast pace.

I would like to see more of a job description like this:


A person who is capable of learning, with analytical skills and internal motivation to ethically and morally support our organization that is ethical and moral and lawful in all operations and will treat all employees fairly and equitably.

The best candidate is:

  • methodical in approach to the work and who does not too quickly come to a conclusion. Our company pace is geared to allowing time to perform in this manner.
  • a person who is intelligent enough to learn our proprietary software that pretty much does what everybody else’s proprietary software does. If you need time to learn our software, you will be trained at a reasonable pace because we have enough staff to comfortably carry out our tasks.
  • a person who can think ahead so that there are no surprises and no emergencies. Again, our company is adequately staffed.

What is driving the fast pace?

Have we started making our workplaces fast paced in order to keep people?

Have faced-paced people evolved our workplaces so that more and more are becoming fast paced?

I will consider applying to your faced-paced job if you can explain to me, based on metrics, why your job/company is fast-paced and how that pace impacts your ability to be competitive and successful.

If you advertise as a fast-paced company and you really are not, then you will lose employees who thrive in and want to work in that type of an environment.

On July 10, 2019, I performed a job search on a popular job search site and got the following results:

  • Number of jobs with the words ‘fast paced’ in the search criteria: 294.526
  • Number of jobs with ‘methodical’ in the search criteria: 3032
  • Number of jobs with the word ‘methodical’ in the description: 1

I didn’t look at the descriptions of all the results, but I did look at about 10 on the fast-paced list and four on the methodical list. Because only one job had methodical in the description, I am guessing the word search found the 3000+ based on key word association (1).

Think about this.

Would you want your surgeon to be faced paced or methodical? What about the person who processes your paycheck? Building your house? Patrolling your neighborhood?

Computers have made jobs faster, but humans are limited by how quickly they can move their bodies through space. I think there is probably an upper limiting factor to that.

Who exactly needs a job to be fast paced?

That’s it. I have tired of deciding when to hyphenate.



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