Jobs, Workers, Blah, Blah

Image by erhui1979 I don't think there is a worker shortage. It just seems that there are many jobs and many people not applying to them. We, as a group, have been overworked by having to take on more than an acceptable level of work because employers are combining jobs. Notice the postings for Business… Continue reading Jobs, Workers, Blah, Blah


Sorry, But You’re Annoying, Too

We Are All a Pain Everyone is annoying to someone at some point. This is especially true for co-workers. If you think you are the exception to the rule, you probably are not. You are bound to not be liked by someone at work given the multitude of personalities and the poor hiring practices that… Continue reading Sorry, But You’re Annoying, Too


Your Weakest Link

If you wonder why projects you are on do not succeed, or make significant progress, look to your project members and stakeholders. Determine the slowest, least engaged, or least motivated. Map your project schedule to that person's ability to deliver. Then convince management that that project pace is feasible. You will spend less time changing… Continue reading Your Weakest Link

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Children Are Not Resilient

Photo by syahrir maulana on iStock My Observation Children are not resilient. How many times have you heard someone say that in response to a child going through a traumatic event. We tell ourselves that they are resilient to help with the guilt when we don't protect them, or our inability to know how to… Continue reading Children Are Not Resilient

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Photo by Steve Johnson from Pexels Just exactly how many rare, unusual, unique, or atypical aspects of my person and personality am I supposed to be able to handle? Porphyria... Auditory Processing Disorder... INTJ... Highly Sensitive Personality... Sensitivity to wheat, gluten, dairy proteins, corn, any other grain, sound, light, extroverts. Now, maybe, I may be… Continue reading Seriously?

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Covid-19 or Not? I am not sure I contracted Covid-19. I did have a bout of a weird viral-like episode that lasted about 10 days. My symptoms matched those that would be considered in the mild symptom category: fever that went from 99 to 101, repeatedly. Severe body pain -- lower abdominal pain, knee pain,… Continue reading Covid-19


Why I Must Be a Writer

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels I must be a writer because I am not good at anything else. The problem with being a writer is that everything becomes a potential storyline. The narrative in my head is constant. The constant narrative gets in the way of everything. I just had to stop doing an… Continue reading Why I Must Be a Writer


Just Write, Idiot.

Photo by Amir Ghoorchiani from Pexels I set up this site because I had so much to say. I thought the only barrier to being a compensated writer was to just write, and publish, then the money would start to flow. I have sooo much wisdom to pass along. I am so insightful, that anyone… Continue reading Just Write, Idiot.


If Only We Didn’t Need to Eat

Photo by Lovefood Art from Pexels I just watched What's with Wheat?1 I recommend it for others who may be sensitive to food to share with those in their lives who are unsympathetic. Many of the health issues that our consumption of wheat is causing were detailed in this documentary. I just recently had an… Continue reading If Only We Didn’t Need to Eat

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I Knew I Was Royalty

My Journey with EPP July 14, 2019 If you have watched the movie, The Madness of King George, you are familiar with the medical condition porphyria. There are eight types of porphyria, which have varying levels of severity. I knew [hoped] I was related to royalty somehow, and I eventually got the medical diagnosis to… Continue reading I Knew I Was Royalty